Runback Radio Ep 2: Kickstarter Conundrum

Welcome to Runback Radio Episode 2: Kickstarter Conundrum. This episode, we talk about how kickstarter is affecting the video game industry and whether the recent resurrection of popular franchises through kickstarter is a good thing or not.

This podcast is run by a trio of game enthusiasts with varying genre interests. Follow all three of us on twitter for latest podcast updates and personal YouTube updates!


Twitter| Andy:  @LastBlues  Darren:   @GamingPilgrim    Kevin:  @humula7


Sounds used this episode:
Intro: Rain of Hope – Noisycell
Mighty No.9 Intro theme
Castlevania theme
Z.O.E 2: The Last Runner Trailer
Fire Emblem IF OST: Aqua’s Song
Outro: Bearing Your Own Cross – Noisycell

Andy "LastBlues" Shin

Design student that wants to contribute to the LoL E-Sports scene by providing healthy discussion topics within the scene.

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